King's Park - Iconic King's Park is an amazing place and a must view when visiting Perth.

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Aluminium Prints
- Ready to hang!

These popular metal prints are infused into a high quality brushed aluminum panel. The deep lustre and stunning finish have to be seen to be believed – photos don’t do them justice! For your convenience, they come ready to hang, and will compliment any décor. I currently sell these prints at Kalamunda Artisan Markets on the first Saturday of each month. Feel free to come down and have a look, or email me if you'd like to order!

You’re welcome to choose any image on my website, and I’ll have it specially made for you. This will be printed within 7-10 days. Sizes are as follows:

16 inches by 24 inches - $245
30 inches by 40 inches - $600

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Metallic Paper

These images are printed to high quality metallic paper, which has a glossy finish and distinct metallic sheen, creating images with exceptional visual interest and depth. In addition to delivering rich, vibrant colours, this paper offers century-plus image stability. Each print is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Prices for the unframed paper print only.

Bolted Face Acrylic

Acrylic face mounting is the process of mounting acrylic to the front of a photographic print. This protects the print against dirt and scratching, while increasing colour brilliance, intensity and saturation. The product can then be mounted to a wall by small anchor bolts.

Print Wrap

There are three stages involved in the canvas process. The photograph is printed either optically or digitally, then the emulsion is stripped and pressed onto the canvas using a heat process. Finally, the canvas is stretched and stapled to a wooden frame. The wraps are designed to be mirrored, so the wrapped area is part of your finished product. Canvas print wraps come ready to hang.

Simply click any image on my site and select the cart icon for prices, or to order your very own custom print.