• And the Sun Sets... - Another stunning Perth sunset in the hills of Brigadoon..
  • Austraflora 2017 Calendar Cover - Shelley Cove near Bunker Bay in WA's amazing South West coast. I love this part of WA. I was fortunate enough for this...
  • The Rock - Sugarloaf Rock in the Southwest of Western Australia is such an amazing and rugged piece of coastline. Its a must see in this part of the world.this...
  • TREES - An awesome sunrise in the hills of Perth just up from Bell's Rapids. The morning mist really added to the atmosphere.
  • GOLDEN HOUR - Perth hills near sunset..
  • Wyadup Rocks - Wyadup Rocks, Mother Nature's natural spa!

Unique Landscape Images of Western Australia

David Ashley Photography offers a unique and original collection of land and seascape images from across the state. As an artist of many years, I’ve worked in mediums as diverse as encaustic art and pyrography, to traditional pen & ink, watercolour and landscape pastels. My aim is to find a new perspective, and I hope that I can give you a new and original view of our beautiful Western Australia.

Welcome to something different.

Humpback Whale Breach - This image was shot  whilst on a whale watching tour off the coast of Busselton, WA. Was an absolutely amazing sight to witness....

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