David Ashley Artist / Photographer

I have been involved with different forms of art for most of my life. Over the years, I have worked many mediums including Pen & Ink, Watercolour, Pastels, Pyrography and Encaustic Art which is 'painting with hot wax'.

In 2000 I started the "Outrageous T-Shirt Co " supplying local gift shops and markets with novelty items featuring cartoon characters I created.

2005 saw the move to my Fremantle studio as a landscape artist using my own photographs of coastal scenes as inspiration. Much of my artwork was purchased by tourists from all over the globe.

After some time though I longed for the outdoors, remote places and wildlife. Time for a change.
Over the last two years, the love of nature and being outdoors has seen me favour photography over my artwork and has now grown to a stage were it consumes all of my free time. At any opportunity, I can be found up in the hills, out in the bush or on a remote piece of coastline waiting for the start or witnessing the end of another day.

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